Christopher A. Kaminski

Christopher A. Kaminski
Composer, Clarinetist, Improviser
Water Elephant Music

Composition IX (2016)      for flute, clarinet, and cello.   7 min.


This piece was commissioned by the Meraki Chamber Players to create a Kandinsky Concert, based on his Compositions IV-X. The concert was first held at Shapeshifter Lab in Brooklyn. 


Composition IX, to me, is a loud crazy jazz painting. My initial impression of the painting was that I didn't know what was going on exactly, and all of these different colors and shapes were jumping out at me. Once I started to understand it a little more, things started grooving for me. Then, the overall painting became very peaceful, despite the chaos of my first impression. The first three sections of this piece emulate my reactions to the painting over time. While I was writing the piece, I couldn't remember exactly how the painting looked like, so I decided to end the piece like I didn't remember how I wrote the beginning.


Here is a link to the painting: