Christopher A. Kaminski

Christopher A. Kaminski
Composer, Clarinetist, Improviser
Water Elephant Music

 Rebirth of the Sun (2019?) for wind sextet. ~16 min.

I. Season of Darkness

II. End of the Cycle

III. Welcome the Sun



Oboe (doubling English Horn, only used in Mvt. II)

Clarinet in Bb (doubling Bass Clarinet in Bb, only used in Mvt. II)

French Horn in F



Program Note: 

The Winter Solstice is celebrated around the world across many traditions, while ways of celebrating the solstice vary. The Winter Solstice has the longest night of the year; after the solstice, the nights begin to become shorter and the days become longer. Many traditions involve light in some way when celebrating: Christmas lights, a Menorah, and candles in rituals are good examples. It is also a time of feasts, gatherings of family and friends, and gift-giving. I wanted this piece to explore rituals performed during the longest night, to pay homage to the family and friends who cannot join the celebration, and to celebrate the rebirth of the sun. The darkest days of winter are over, and spring will soon arrive.

(the third movement was originally written for the Imani Winds Chamber Music Festival 2016, and was originally titled “Catch Me!”).

I only have a recorded performance of the last movement, which was performed at the Imani Winds Chamber Music Festival 2016.

Here is a preview of the score.