Christopher A. Kaminski

Christopher A. Kaminski
Composer, Clarinetist, Improviser
Water Elephant Music

Feedback (2016)       for solo clarinet       5 min.


This piece was completed in 2016 and was premiered at the Split the Lark New Music Ensemble Concert at Rutgers University, New Brunswick. This piece was written for myself, incorporating many of the different extended techniques I can play. I did not want the piece to simply be a showcase of extended techniques, so I tried to use them in a way that would make sense in the overall piece. Feedback is dedicated to Dr. Maureen Hurd Hause, my clarinet teacher at Rutgers, for introducing me to multiphonics and the realm of extended techniques.


Feedback: Score - $20.00

Here is a preview of the score! There are a few instruction pages that explain some of my notation, which is not included in the preview.