Christopher A. Kaminski

Christopher A. Kaminski
Composer, Clarinetist, Improviser
Water Elephant Music

Alley Cat (2017)     for flute, violin, and bass.     5.5 min.


The piece's title comes from collaborating with Trio Jinx during the Imani Winds Chamber Music Festival 2017. I had wrote half of the piece for them at the time, and during the first reading rehearsal, Ledah was telling me that the other day, they saw a sexy cat walking around their neighborhood, and it was moving in a seductive way. During one of the Trio's rehearsals, Ledah found herself moving in a similar way. I wrote the rest of the piece with this story in mind. The cat is reluctant and distant at first, and then in begins to dance. You walk up to the cat to try to pet it, but it dances away and even hisses at you. Finally, we get a chance to pet this glorious cat, but only for a moment. It begins to dance again, and scurries off, leaving you behind.

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